Liquid absorption can’t be improvised!

Clean Box wood shavings are four times more absorbent as straw and reduce humidity. They also bring a reduction not only in the smell of urine, in ammonia avoiding respiratory and eye problems, but also to the presence of insects.

To master the size of the shaving is to master its efficiency!

To guarantee a perfect result, the bedding Clean Box was developed following an exclusive technique in order to offer you a thin and wide shaving, with the right proportion of medium shavings. The medium shavings guarantee the fixation of the urine on the bottom of the bedding and the big ones guarantee esthetic and comfort.

Clean Box is soft and comfortable on horse’s joints.

The bedding Clean Box is entirely freed from dust in order to respect the respiratory tracts of your horse. Moreover, thanks to its size it avoids the presence of fine particles.

Its high-temperature drying reduces the presence of bacteria’s and germs.

The bedding Clean Box is 100% natural, dust free, entirely environmentally friendly and compostable.